Heroes ? – Don’t Make Me Laugh

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” – General George S. Patton. The number of UK military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan needs to not only be seen in proportion to ...Read More

Not Heroes- War Criminals

The Nürnberg Principles were applied retrospectively to convict the leading political and military leaders of National Socialist Germany (which was probably grossly illegal, but certainly morally reprehensible) at the end of World War Two, but the post war legislation has subsequently been used on numerous occasions ...Read More

The Mask of Democracy

The English Civil War had little to do with democracy and representation of the people in the British parliament. The real driving force was the wealth of the merchant class who among other self-serving interests, sought to have the restrictions on usury (the charging ...Read More

Keep Me Safe

“With this book as your guide, you’ll learn how to help your organization develop and improve the quality of life for everyone.” – Safety Culture by Terry Mathis. This safety culture not only goes against the very nature of man, but it has become so all-pervasive that ...Read More

Morality for Life and War

Some of the worst examples of a moral code can be found in the Bible and the Koran, and the notion that we should allow Christian or Islamic preachers to guide our behaviour is not only a complete nonsense, but I would suggest that ...Read More

The Stock Market Scam

The stock market is dominated wide boys, gamblers, asset strippers, and parasites. The one thing they all have in common is that despite a “recession” they are all making vast amounts of money the same way as they have always done – on the ...Read More

Economic Enslavement

The VAT Scam In the UK there are over 22,000 civil servants employed by HMRC in VAT collection, at a cost of over £1 billion to UK taxpayers. The VAT scam was originally introduced in 1973 by the Conservative Chancellor Lord Barber who set a ...Read More

Shock and Awe

From the outset the overwhelming military strategy for the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq was to ensure a minimum number of “coalition” military casualties. This was achieved by the use of a “shock and awe” campaign which involved the use of overwhelming firepower ...Read More

The USA – Bully Boy Tactics

The “war” against Iraq was not a war, and if for “coalition forces” it was a “victory” it was a victory akin to that of the playground “bully-boy” who has just stomped a handicapped opponent not even half his size. Had the US and ...Read More

The Founding of the Banking Industry

Let us be clear about this – the banking industry was founded by an English slave trader and pirate William Paterson, and by practicing piracy for the past 300 years it has ending up enslaving the world. William Paterson, wrote a pamphlet in 1693 entitled “A Brief ...Read More