So long, and thanks for all the dead

Few European wars have been worthwhile – the Battle of Vienna in 1683 which saw the defeat of the Ottoman Turks was probably the last European war that was justified – the rest not least WW1 and WW2 have all been manufactured by vested ...Read More

Morality for Life and War

Morality is not the preserve of the “religious”, and it certainly has no connection with the ten “commandments” as allegedly passed down from God to an unemployed Egyptian monotheist – let alone the other 603 allegedly God given commandments in the Jewish Torah. All ...Read More

The Stock Market Scam

The stock market is dominated wide boys, gamblers, asset strippers, and parasites. The one thing they all have in common is that despite a “recession” they are all making vast amounts of money the same way as they have always done – on the ...Read More

Economic Enslavement

The VAT Scam In the UK there are over 22,000 civil servants employed by HMRC in VAT collection, at a cost of over £1 billion to UK taxpayers. The VAT scam was originally introduced in 1973 by the Conservative Chancellor Lord Barber who set a ...Read More

Shock and Awe

From the outset the overwhelming military strategy for the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq was to ensure a minimum number of “coalition” military casualties. This was achieved by the use of a “shock and awe” campaign which involved the use of overwhelming firepower ...Read More

The USA – Bully Boy Tactics

The “war” against Iraq was not a war, and if for “coalition forces” it was a “victory” it was a victory akin to that of the playground “bully-boy” who has just stomped a handicapped opponent not even half his size. Had the US and ...Read More

Heroes ? – Don’t Make Me Laugh

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” – General George S. Patton. The number of UK military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan needs to not only be seen in proportion to ...Read More

The Founding of the Banking Industry

Let us be clear about this – the banking industry was founded by an English slave trader and pirate William Paterson, and by practicing piracy for the past 300 years it has ending up enslaving the world. William Paterson, wrote a pamphlet in 1693 entitled “A Brief ...Read More

Hunt the Sex Offender

This weeks “news” article in the Daily Mail which refers to the late Sir Peter Hayman KCMG, CVO, MBE as a “depraved diplomat” and “paedophile” is another example of the depths to which today’s journalism has fallen. At best it is sensational journalism which simply ...Read More

Nelson Mandela – From ANC Terrorist to IMF Saint

Nelson Mandela from ANC “Terrorist” to IMF “Saint”. Nelson Mandela a revolutionary Marxist, and member of the South African Communist party was arrested and convicted for ANC membership and terrorist offences in 1962. Throughout his term of imprisonment he continued to support the ANC’s ...Read More