Nelson Mandela – From ANC Terrorist to IMF Saint

Nelson Mandela from ANC “Terrorist” to IMF “Saint”. Nelson Mandela a revolutionary Marxist, and member of the South African Communist party was arrested and convicted for ANC membership and terrorist offences in 1962. Throughout his term of imprisonment he continued to support the ANC’s ...Read More

Michael McKevitt – Political Hostage

Reasonable people will read this account of what is happening to Michael McKevitt with a mixture of sadness and anger. People who value good legal systems and appreciate the courage of those who struggled to create them will read it with deep disappointment as ...Read More

Rogue State Israel

Since it’s inception the “rogue state” of Israel has waged a continuous campaign of terrorism, assassinations, murder, blockades, boycotts, the theft of land, the destruction of homes and property, internment, and countless acts of subversion and aggression against the Palestinian people, all of which has been bankrolled year ...Read More

Food and Consumerism

Foodies – a cornerstone of consumerism. While the rate of obesity increases, so does our Western preoccupation with food and cooking. Food is no longer seen as a basic necessity of life – it has been elevated to the point where countless celebrity chefs ...Read More

The Freedom Myth

Freedom ‘I believe that the old formula of “liberty, equality and fraternity”, today has to be changed to “freedom, justice and solidarity” so as to update the concept of “freedom” away from selfishness and individualism. The French Revolution led to the historical justification of the ...Read More

The US War of Creative Chaos

Syria and the US policy of “creative chaos” The US and it’s allies, not least Israel and Saudi Arabia have only been able to maintain their dominant influence in the Middle East through a policy which former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice called ‘creative chaos’. This policy has seen ...Read More